Jeremy Woodcock & Jeanette Campbell-Johnston

Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice
Jeremy Tel: 0777 768 0845
Jeanette Tel: 07519 128837

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Cotswold Psychotherapy Practice

For Individuals, Couples, Families, and Young People

In reach of Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Stroud.

An opportunity to be met where you are

A chance to be heard and to be understood

An opportunity for difficult experiences and circumstances to be deeply considered and held in mind

The likelihood that perplexing signs and symptoms can be unravelled and understood

A place where relationships are valued

The possibility to be supported and challenged to grow

A place where symbols, metaphor and the poetry of relationship are appreciated

A practice where knowledge, research and relationship are valued in equal measure

Dr Jeremy Woodcock has worked as a psychotherapist with individuals, couples, families and young people and as a teacher of psychotherapy, and an academic, researcher and writer for over twenty five years. He has a broadminded, appreciative, incisive, and compassionate view of human nature.

Jeanette Campbell-Johnston works as a psychotherapist with individuals and couples. She has a broadminded, insightful, warm and deeply appreciative grasp of human nature.

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